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Turmeric + Bergamont Vegan Cleansing Powder/Mask

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Cleansing Grains are a fast, natural, healthy way to clean your skin!
Our awesome powder formula contains goodness , Organic Oat Powder, Brown Rice Powder, Quinoa Powder, Pumic, Calendula Flower, Marshmallow Root Powder, Honey Suckle Powder, Coconut Milk Powder

Just add a bit of water, or honey, or milk, or mashed banana ( that's our fave!) to a bit of the powder and scrub away!
You can even leave your cleanser on, grab a bath & turn your ordinary cleansing routine into a good for you mask!

INGREDIENTS & BENEFITS: (100% natural, vegan, & *organic)
♥ gluten-free oats*: treats acne, anti inflammatory, removes dead skin cells, mineralizes dry skin
♥ kaolin clay: anti-inflammatory, treats acne
♥ activated charcoal:activated charcoal: removes toxins and impurities, treats acne, minimizes pores, absorbs oil
♥ quinoa*: provides elasticity, anti aging, reduces brown spots and pigmentation, treats acne, decreases sebum production

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