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Quilted Storage Bag

$15.99 USD
A-Blue 49x36x21cm
A-Gray 49x36x21cm
B 42x27x50cm
C-blue 60x40x35cm
C-green 60x40x35cm
C-orange 60x40x35cm
C-pink 60x40x35cm
D-beige 45x30x20cm
D-beige 45x45x20cm
D-beige 60x45x30cm
D-grey 45x30x20cm
D-grey 45x45x20cm
D-grey 60x45x30cm
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Keep items looking their best and ready to use all year round with their jumbo storage bags! This eco-friendly bag protects and keeps contents fresh even if they’re going to stay in storage for long periods of time. With practical features like a clear window, handles, and zip closure, this bag is sure to be a lifesaver when you’re organizing, decluttering, and spring cleaning!

Made of breathable and recyclable non-woven polypropylene.


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